it has never been easier to cook at home like a chef

Choose your experience, book the day and time, open Zoom⁄Skype and start your HD video call!
You not need any special skills, complicated software or expensive gadgets. A laptop or tablet is all you need!

Sound too easy? Discover why it is for you

We are professionals, we have been providing cooking classes, cooking demonstrations and private events for more than 16 years. 

Our business is actually brick and mortar, you can come visit us at our head office in Florence, Italy.

We have worked diligently to make this experience easy and fun for everyone.
We have invested in the highest level of professional technology for video brodcasting, guaranteeing video and audio quality.

We have created an infrastructure to guarantee a stable internet connection, which is based upon 3 different internet connections from three different companies which balance and redistribute the flow of data in such a way that it is never broken.

what is the procedure
  1. Choose your experience - Choose the date and time from the options on our form .
  2. We confirm - We reply with a confirmation and the list of ingredients and the kitchen tools you will need to have at the time of the class.  All reservations are carried out personally by our chef and may take some time.
  3. Follow all our directions and you will be ready to have fun in our cooking class

Not sure about...

The quality of our internet connections, the video definition of our video call or you simply don't know us and you're naturally a little wary

we are professionals and we know who we are, so we are not afraid to offer you the MONEY BACK FORMULA!

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