A private Live interactive cooking class  from Tuscany via Zoom/Skype or alternative only for you, with Chef Vary and any of your guests.

All your questions will be answered by "Chef Vary" herself.

Recipes to recreate your dishes again and again


We will send you, in advance, the list ingredients, tools and equipement in order to facilitate your preparation.

If anything needs to be purchased, you can choose to do so, or I will tailor the recipe to what you have on hand!

I will provide you with a shopping list with specific suggestions related to fresh products and the best brands in order to get the best Italian meal you have ever had!


Don't worry we do the class every day of the week!

Once we receive your request we will confirm your class date by email, phone or WhatsApp.

My cooking classes start at the times listed below, but if your time isn't listed, please email us and we'll arrange a class to suit your schedule.


Class times are available :
Italian time zone from 9.30 am to 8.30 pm
Decide the time you prefer 

Classes available regularly.

Time zone convert tool here


€35 per person + tax

INTENSIVE CLASS: lasting about 2 hours and 30 minutes
€45 per person + tax minimun 2 persons

For more guests or for other requests (such as cooking demo, help with preparing a lunch or dinner for a special occasion) please contact us!


Each class is designed for two to four people per connection. We suggest maximun 4 people per connection.

Multiple connections: even if our courses are private we do not recommend having more than 4 connections, maximum 6, this can guarantee a higher quality of the lessons 

Virtual cooking classes, not sure about...

the quality of our internet connections, the video definition of our video call or you simply don't know us and you're naturally a little wary

No-risk, 100% satisfaction Guarantee if during the lesson something does not satisfy you and we cannot agree to resolve this we will return the full amount spent excluding expenses if they are present.


NIt's really easy, You need only a high speed internet, laptop or tablet with camera and sound, which probably you already have.


Choose from our italian cooking
classes and follow the directions to book.


Get prepared at least 15 minutes before the lesson with all the necessary tools and ingredients, in this way you won't waste time later during the lesson.
You get all information in detal to prepare your kitchen for the lesson.
We are here to assist you for all your questions


At the appointment we video call you with Zoom/Skype. Now we cook together untill you are ready to sit and enjoy your fantastic meal.

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